This Java IRC client should work with most Java-compliant browsers. It will allow you to connect to the #boob IRC channel on EFNet using a variety of possible servers. If one doesn't seem to work for you, try another.

Due to a bug, every once in a while, after you connect to the server, it will open your #boob channel window in a very small size -- if this occurs, simply stretch it to the size that you'd like to use to be able to see the channel and other controls.

We recommend that you change the Nickname field to something more appropriate. The other settings you can probably leave at their defaults. We also recommend that if you really want to use IRC on a regular basis, that you choose a more fully featured, platform-specific client such as mIRC for Windows, Ircle for Mac, or BitchX for *nix/*BSD.

Note that if you close or change the URL of this window, the Java client windows will also be closed and you will be disconnected from the IRC server.