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B00B! Interview

With Ss_teven,author of SMSPlus.

Interviewed by WRAGGSTER. Edited by CyRUS64.

This interview was done on behalf of ConsoleVision and B00B! Dreamcast Research.

B00B! Dreamcast Research: Where were you born, live and family details etc?

SS_teven: I was born in Perth, Western Australia where I still live to date.

B00B: What qualifications do you have?

SS: Well, currently none, I left school 2 weeks into Year 11 because it just sucked, now I'm studying a quick course in Electro technology and PC Servicing, which will probably follow onto a larger more scale IT course...

B00B: What made you get into computers?

SS: Well, back in god knows when, we got a Commodore 64, I just loved it, I was playing games on it day after day, it was just an amazing thing, then I started making little simple programs in BASIC, and I was addicted.

B00B: What projects/coding have you done previous to any Dreamcast programming?

SS: None, SMS Plus! was my first coding project.

B00B: Can you give us a status update on all your emulator projects?

SS: SMS Plus! is moving along nicely, just got full sound added, experimental Save states, ZIP support, and more. DCLaser is currently on halt, because of various irresolvable problems.

B00B: How did you start and what programs did you use to start coding?

SS: GNU GCC, Libdream then to KallistiOS, notepad, and, all pretty simple and basic tools one would use for Dreamcast Development.

B00B: Tell us about your plans for future projects on the Dreamcast?

SS: I'm actually thinking of making a car racing game, mainly to become more advanced with C and Assembly, it'll probably suck, and look like a game from Atari , but I'll love it :D hehe

B00B: Whats your opinion of the new super consoles like X-box, Gamecube, Game Boy Advance and the Playstation 2?

SS: I personally think they are all amazing systems, with a great future headed forward for them all, maybe not PS2 though.

B00B: Which console looks the best for devving on?

SS: Dreamcast of course! It has been the best, and will remain the best, but I'd like to get my hands on a Gamecube dev kit :D

B00B: What are your favorite games for every system you have

SS: God, there are just too many to name and remember !

B00B: Your thoughts on the Dreamcast Emulation/Development Scene and how can it be improved?

SS: I think its great how it is right now, its been the most active it's ever been with various new releases coming, and the development of various new emulators for the Dreamcast.

B00B: May I say thank you for your time ,I understand the last week has been one of the most terrible ever and I wish you the best of luck with your work and personal life etc.

SS: No Problem Wraggs.

This document/interview is Copyright © 2001 by Wraggster and may not be reproduced in whole or part without permission.